Saturday, July 7, 2018

Carole Radziwill Says 'The Real Housewives of New York City' Ladies Need a "Friendship Break"
The Real Housewives of New York City had some four-alarm drama this week — Dorinda “not your family crest” Medley and Sonja “it is my family crest” Morgan (say “family crest” again and watch everyone rip their own hair out and eat it), Tinsley Mortimer fighting with Bethenny Frankel (something about a wedding dress, sorry “family crest” still ringing in ears), and Luann de Lesseps fighting with Ramona Singer (Tom/drinks/Harry). 

Then, like a game of musical chairs, they switched it up. Dorinda fought with Bethenny, Carole fought with Bethenny, Bethenny fought with Bethenny, Bethenny's walls went up, and on and on until my head fell off, rolled across the floor, and was later discovered by police muttering "family crest" all on its own.

But amidst all the screaming and yelling, there was some non-aggressive talk of friendship breaks. Carole introduced the idea, telling some of the ladies they needed a break from some of the other ladies, but that’s impossible to do when your job is to be with these ladies on camera and fight. Why does Dorinda care about Sonja’s crest anyway? You’d think those giant crystals in the lounge area of the spa would have calmed them all the eff down, but no. Useless.

Carole's onto something. Maybe after this season everyone takes a breather, yes?

It’s possible to take a friendship break without breaking up forever. In fact, it can even be healthy and, when you return to each other, you may both have a new perspective on the relationship. We’re not talking about what can happen during life changes, like moving, babies, or growing apart naturally. Sometimes friendships need a break if, during recent “conversations” the decibel of your voice can only be topped by a plane taking off. Or if you're leaping from the dinner table like an MMA fighter out to destroy family crests. 
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