Thursday, March 12, 2015

Report Says Joe Giudice Cheated On Teresa With Blonde Beauty After They Were Sentenced To Prison
Joe Giudice cheated on wife Teresa with Jamie Jackson, a blond bombshell from New Jersey, according to a new report.

“This is [Teresa’s] worst nightmare come true,” a family friend told In Touch of the affair, which began in Atlantic City, New Jersey in November, shortly after the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars were sentenced to prison in connection with financial fraud.

Joe and Jamie, 30, initially met through a mutual friend over lunch that month, an source told the magazine, adding that Joe “really, really liked her.”

A source said of the reality star nicknamed “Juicy”: “The guy has no shame — he’ll pick up girls anywhere, he’s cocky, and thinks he somebody — he’s not.”

The pair had two more flirty meetings until things heated up the fourth time they crossed paths, during a dinner at Carmine’s in the Tropicana hotel, the source said.

“They were full on making out in front of their group,” a separate witness told the magazine of the rendezvous. “They were chugging margaritas and seemed drunk out of their minds.”

The source said that along with a few others in their group, “Joe and Jamie went back to the room and things got crazy.”

Joe and Jamie wet into the master suite of the room, the insider said, and “20 minutes later, Jamie came out of their bedroom buttoning her blouse and crying hysterically,” while Joe “popped open a bottle of wine like nothing happened.”

A source said of the November incident: “While Teresa was at home getting ready to go to jail, her husband was in a hotel having sex with another woman.”
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