Friday, March 20, 2015

Kyle and Kim Richards Reopen Old Wounds With Emotional "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Fight
The ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wrapped up their tumultuous Amsterdam trip with some shopping, dinner and Brandi Glanville taking home a 23-year-old Dutch boy. As one does.
Dubbed Amsterboy, the man was a friend of Lisa Vanderpump's son Max. "Of course, it's totally inappropriate," Lisa V. said. Brandi missed the dinner to go on the date. The ladies were relieved—"This only feels like a gift," Kyle Richards said.—and Yolanda Foster said Brandi was acting like a child. Why?

Because she was upset Lisa V. wasn't accepting her apology for the slap. You all remember the slap. Not the NBC series, the time Brandi smacked Lisa V. on a boat because she wanted to reenact The Love Boat or something.

"You can't do things and keep f---ing apologizing. It really upset me," Lisa V. told Brandi. "She always crosses the line…it's just totally un-f---ing-acceptable."

Once the women returned home it was business as usual. Sort of. Eileen Davidson helped her kid with homework, Lisa Rinna and Kyle met up to talk about Kim Richards and Lisa R.'s talk with Brandi about Kim, Kim visited Adrienne Malooof to talk about the trip and Brandi had a breakdown while getting a gold facial with Yolanda. As one does.

Brandi, who was upset because her father was in the hospital, told Yolanda she's sick of the lectures and the bulls---. She said she felt the ladies can say whatever they want about her, but she can't speak her truth. OK...

After talking to Lisa R., Kyle decided to invite Kim to her desert home—it is insanely beautiful, by the way—and while there the Richards sisters went at it as the dinner burned. Kyle told Kim that Brandi thinks she needs an intervention. Shouting ensued, then Kim went on about Kyle stealing her house. You'll recall the limo fight the sisters had at the end of season one where Kim told Kyle she stole her house.

"Kim, everything you say is a twist and a lie," Kyle said, pointing out inconsistencies about Kim's story.
"If Kim was a friend and not my sister, I probably would've given up on this relationship a long time ago," Kyle said in a confessional.

Spoiler alert: The Richards sisters are still not in a good place.
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