Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jill Zarin Set to Reunite with Ex-Real Housewives Co-stars at 5th Annual Luxury Luncheo
Jill Zarin will reunite with her Real Housewife cast members at her Southampton estate for her fifth annual Luxury Luncheont this weekend. 

Speaking exclusively to the New York socialite, who returned to Real Housewives of New York last month, said this year's event will be open to the public to raise money for cancer research.

Zarin's husband Bobby is currently undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer at MD Anderson and Boca Raton Regional Hospital in Florida – both of which will receive donations. 

'I'd like to raise as much as possible,' she said. 'Bobby has thyroid cancer and I really want to focus in on thyroid cancer because people think that it is a curable cancer.

'For the most part it is – 93 per cent of the people who get it, get treated so they never have to be treated again.

'But seven per cent don't respond to the standard care and less than one per cent have it spread to the brain.

'So I want to focus on that small percentage of people and help find a treatment out there that can help them.'

A limited number of tickets, which start at $1,000 a pop, will be sold via Zarin's website. 

Guests at the lavish summer bash will be treated to gift bags, which Zarin says are valued at $1 million in total, as well as food provided by New York caterer Carlyle off the Green.

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